TestClear Powdered urine Kit Review: temperature strip, plastic medical vial & thermometer

If you have tried several ways to pass the urine drug test but failed every time, this post will help you a lot. Many people use several tricks to clear the urine test but will get caught in the test. The product that i am discussing today in this article has the potential to pass your test.

TestClear Powdered urine Kit Review

If you are frustrated with fake pee products and want the clear alternative, then the product we are talking about in this article will benefit you.
Without further ado, let’s revel the product. The product that we are talking in this article is test clear powdered urine.

real human urine

TestClear is a reputable drug testing advisor that helps thousands to prepare for the test. It is not a new company, test clear has more than ten years of history of providing genuine products that help many to pass the drug test.
Test clear offers various products like Toxin Rid, Aloe rid shampoo, powdered urine that helps you remove toxins from the body.
Many companies on the internet sell products similar to test clear, but they are completely fake.

Powdered urine Kit Review: temperature strip, plastic medical vial and a digital thermometer

You can try them and compare them with Testclear. You will see that the Testclear is far better than them.
Test clear powdered urine is better than synthetic urine. It is real human urine, not some made in lab chemical liquid. It is real drug-free urine in a dehydrated form. It is my personal favorite product for real urine simulation experiment. Whenever i need to prepare for the urine drug test, i use Test clear powdered urine.
Powdered urine has all the ingredients found in real urine. When you purchase a powdered urine kit, you will get an instruction manual that has a step-by-step guide on how to use the kit. The Real urine simulation kit contains all the elements, including a rainbow temperature strip, plastic medical vial and a digital thermometer that you need to prepare a real urine simulation. The kit’s price is around 50$, and you can purchase an extra water vial, digital thermometer.
If you have any issues with their product, then you can email them or call them anytime. They have an excellent support team that will help you to pass the test.

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