A Quick Look At Drug Storage Space & Maintenance

Storing and maintaining your drugs or medications is very important because it will ensure they work properly as well as prevent any accidental poisoning. The ways that you store your medications will impact how they work and if you store them improperly, they may become damaged and even ineffective. We will now look at a couple of guidelines for you to keep in mind.

When storing medications, it is important to note that heat, moisture and even excessive light can actually cause damage to them. As a result, you should find a cool and dry area that doesn’t have much light to store them. For example, you can use a kitchen cabinet, drawer, cupboard etc to store your medications. You should be careful to ensure they are not near to the sink, water or any sources of heat.

Drug Storage Space

Many people store their medications in the bathroom cabinet, however, this is a bad idea. In the bathroom cabinet, they will be exposed to water, moisture as well as heat which can cause them to go bad before their expiry date or even reduce in strength. For example, when aspirin is exposed to heat, it actually forms salicylic acid and vinegar which will cause an upset stomach.

Next, if you have children in your home, you should always store all of your medications out of their reach. You should not only keep your medications out of their sight but also properly secure them using a lock.

Now, it is very important that you dispose of any medicine that is damaged or expired. Expired medications can cause you to get sick. Even if the medicine is not expired but it is chipped or different in its appearance and texture, you should not use it. So, if you have damaged or expired medications, be sure to dispose of them.

In closing, these are a couple of tips that should help you to properly store and maintain your medications. This will ensure that you only use medications that will work as intended and prevent any illness.

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